Hiking The Buckeye Trail

"In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks." ~ John Muir

Hiking the Buckeye Trail is about discovering Ohio. It is not a wilderness experience. It is about learning Ohio's history. It is about the people of Ohio. It is a journey around Ohio on trails and roads in both rural and urban areas. Hiking the Buckeye Trail is about the people, the places, the present and the past.

The Buckeye Trail is not like other more developed long distance trails. There are only a few shelters and camping areas along the trail. The trail passes through or near many towns along the way. Services such as motels, laundry and grocery are much more accessible on the Buckeye Trail than on other more remote trails.

Navigating on the Buckeye Trail means "Follow The Blue Blazes". The trail is marked with 2 x 6 inch blue blazes. A Buckeye Trail hiker follows these blue blazes to stay on the route. Some areas are not blazed well, have faded or missing. To help the hiker there are 26 maps covering the Buckeye Trail. The maps and the trail route descriptions on them are improving each year. Some hikers on the Buckeye Trail report  getting lost or temporarily losing the trail. Navigating the trail is part of the fun and part of the experience. If you live or drive near the Buckeye Trail look for the blue blazes on trees, poles and posts.

Keeping the Buckeye Trail maintained is a ongoing task. All trail maintainers are volunteers. It takes a lot of time, effort and hard work to keep the trail maintained. The trail maintainers and builders deserve a lot of credit. The Buckeye Trail Association sponsors work parties where volunteers gather for up to five days at a time to improve and maintain the trail.  Despite their hard work parts of the trail may lack current maintenance. If you live or drive near the Buckeye Trail consider volunteering to help keep the trail maintained.

The Buckeye Trail Association says ... "At any time, parts of the Buckeye Trail may be in poor condition, even impassible, for extended periods. Both natural and man-made events, as well as weather conditions, contribute. The number of people who can maintain the BT is often limited.  Prepare to walk around any difficult segments on road."

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