May 31 - Peebles

My camp site in Peebles.

Today I hiked 21 miles to the town of Peebles. It was a hot day of hiking the temperature reach 90 degrees. The route today was all on roads except for four miles.

It was a nice quiet night at the Fort Hill picnic shelter. I was packed up and on the trail at 8:00am. The trail in Fort Hill was well maintained and well traveled. The trail does not go by the "fort". The fort is actually a hilltop enclosure 7,500 feet long constructed by the Hopewell Indians over 2,000 years ago.
After leaving Fort Hill the trail goes down a farm lane. Two angry barking dogs approached me. I thought I might have to scare or fight them off but I noticed both of them only had three legs. They hobbled and barked at me. I didn't worry to much now. I saw a farmer and asked about the three legged dogs. He said both dogs, on separate incidents, chased a tractor and got run over. Their legs had to be amputated.

I took a break at the grocery store / deli in Sinking Spring. The ladies working there were nice to me. I had a sandwich, pasta salad and Gatorade.

The trail then went through Serpent Mound. Serpent Mound is the largest serpent effigy in the United States. It was built and used by the Adena and Fort Ancient Indians. I took a two hour siesta under the picnic shelter to escape the hot sun. I drank four quarts of water in those two hours. The weather app on my phone said was 90 degrees with a "feels like" temp of 98. It was brutally hot.

On the way in to Peebles a young lady in a car pulled over and asked if I wanted a ride. I told her no and thanked her. I thought it was very kind and brave of her to offered a bearded stranger with a backpack a ride.

Everybody I met in Peebles was nice. I stopped in at a church fellowship meeting and asked about overnight accommodations. They gave me ice water and Popsicles. One couple offered to take me home for the night. But the condition was I had to be packed and ready at 5:30am the next day to be driven back to Peebles. I declined.

I ate supper at the local pizza place. The lady there hooked me up with Larry who lives a half mile out of town. Larry drove me to his house and let me camp in his yard. He runs a flower shop next to his house.
Everybody in Peebles was very friendly. I am quite impressed. They were kind to me even though I looked ragged from a long day of hiking.

It was a long hot day. I don't think many people could enjoy a 21 mile hike on such a hot day like this