June 8 - Batavia

Today I hiked 20 miles to Batavia. The first twelve miles were on trail in East Fork State Park and the last eight miles were on roads. It was a very hot day. The temperature reached 95 degrees. I passed the 1,300 mile mark on this journey.
I said goodbye to Steve, Susan and Becky Miller today. They are very good hosts. I enjoyed my stay at their place. I enjoyed talking about the Buckeye Trail with Steve. He is a wealth of information on the trail.

Area below dam at East Fork Lake.

 It was nice to be hiking in the woods. It feels much cooler in the woods than on roads. The trail had various ups and downs which made hiking a bit more difficult. There were parts of the trail that were not maintained too well. But I did not get lost today. Yippie! A lot of the trail was graded which made for easier hiking. The horse trails which are normally very muddy were not too bad today. It has not rained in quite some time. It was still rough hiking on the chopped up horse trails.

The trail in East Fork State Park went by two picnic areas. The water faucets were not working at either picnic area. I was hoping to get water there. I saw a half empty water bottle on a picnic table that someone had left behind. I decided to drink the rest of it. It was warm but it tasted fine. Having enough water is extremely important in this hot weather. Without water my hike would shut down in a matter of hours. Yesterday I drank seven quarts of water during the day. Today will be about the same. At one of the picnic shelters I laid down on a picnic table and took a short nap. Taking a short nap during the hottest part of the day is part of my daily routine.

The trail emerged from the woods and went on a road over the dam at East Fork State Park. It was a scenic walk. The road crossed over a saddle dam. It was equally as scenic. The trail went back into the woods for another mile before it was all road walking to Batavia. I saw no other hikers today.

In Batavia I was picked up by Jenny Waters. Jenny is a member of Dayton Hikers. I took her on her first backpacking trip about three years ago. Since then we have been backpacking together five times. She is fun to be with. I will spend tonight with Jenny and her son Bill in Eastgate.

It is hard to believe that in one week this hike will be over. For the longest time the end of this hike was so far way. Now it is getting very close. I am both happy and sad that this hike will be over soon.
I wish I could retain my great physical shape after this hike. It will be hard to do when I return to life in surburbia. I looked in the mirror at Jenny's house. For the first time in a long time I think my shoulders are wider than my belly. No, my shoulders did not get larger on this hike. I have lost a bunch of weight on this hike. Hiking on the Buckeye Trail is a great diet and exercise plan.