June 5 – Russellville

My campsite at Quinn Chapel. Notice how I pitched my tent to take advantage of the morning shade.

Today I hiked 22 miles to the town of Russellville. I left Adams county. I am now in Brown county. The route today was all on back roads.

I enjoyed my stay at Quinn Chapel. I had a couple cups of coffee in the morning in the shade of outhouse and hit the trail around 9:00am. I wish I was an early riser to take advantage of the cool temperatures in the morning.

I took a break in Bentonville. The map said there was a small grocery store there. I was looking forward to getting a cold drink and something to eat. I could not find the store. I flagged down a lady in a car and asked her where it was. She said the grocery store had closed. I was a bit disappointed but at least there was a working soda machine. I checked my wallet and only had a $5 bill. I flagged down another motorist and asked if he had change for a five dollar bill. He didn’t. But he offered to give me $1.25 to buy a soda. I accepted and thanked him. I bought a Mountain Dew. I am not normally a Mountain Dew drinker but I wanted the sugar and caffeine.

The hike today was uneventful and pleasant. The miles rolled by easily. The temperature rose to the mid 80s but it did not feel hot to me. On Suck Run Road I needed drinking water and passed by a house that had an outside water faucet with a hose. I knocked on the door to ask if I could get water. Nobody was home. I helped myself and filled up my water bottle from their hose. I hope they don’t mind.

I am noticing a change in the topography. The hills are getting smaller. The terrain is still rolling and there are ups and down but no steep climbs. The lands is starting to flatten out which is fine with me. I am seeing more farms too. The water quality of the streams is looking worse. I haven’t seen a stream in a couple of days that I would get drinking water from.

I took a short break at the 15 mile mark on Hermann Road. A truck pulled up. It was Steve Miller and his daughter Becky. They were there to help me slackpack the rest of the day and take me to their home in Bethel for the night. I knew I would meet up with Steve at some point but it was a surprise to see him. Steve is the computer guy for the Buckeye Trail Association and the section supervisor for the West Union section where I am currently hiking. I had another 7-8 miles of hiking to get to Russellville. Without my pack I was able to get there in slightly over two hours.

Steve and Becky were waiting for me in the park in Russellville. We went to their home in Bethel. Steve’s wife, Susan, had dinner waiting for us. Steve and I talked in length about the Buckeye Trail.

I am starting to feel the end of my hike getting close. I am only 10 days away from finishing on June 15. Ending this hike is starting to feel a bit strange at times. I still have plenty of miles to hike but I am feeling like I am finally getting closer to Dayton.