June 4 - Quinn Chapel

Ohio Brush Creek

Today I hiked 20 miles. All of the hike today was on back roads. I spent all day walking west through Adams County. I passed the 1,200 mile mark on this journey.

I said goodbye to Mom and Jim. They really helped me out the last three days. They provided the cabin for the three nights, slackpacked me, fed me and were there to cheer me on. I think my mother has a deeper appreciation of what I am doing. She got a bit worried as she dropped me off in these remote places and watched me disappear into the woods.

The Buckeye Trail is not as remote as some places on the Appalachian Trail. But it sure can feel much more remote. If you get hurt on the AT you can just sit down and within a day at least ten people will come by. If you get hurt on some spots on the Buckeye Trail you will be here until deer hunters come by in the fall.
The day was hot as usual. The temperature was 90 with a "feels like" temperature near 100.

The hike today was uneventful. The trail was well marked. No confusing turns and ample blazes.
After hiking about 10 miles I took a siesta in the shade in a cemetery on Abner Hollow Road. I took a short nap and rested for almost two hours. I drank what water I had.

The trail descends to Waggoner Riffle Road along Ohio Brush Creek. At the intersection of Waggoner Riffle Road and Abner Hollow Road is the southern most point on the Buckeye Trail and North Country Trail. It was great to finally reach this spot. Now I can hike north and west home. I stopped at a farm along the road and asked for a quart of water. The lady was very nice and gave me some.

There was a long, hot climb on SR-247 out of the Ohio Brush Creek valley to the ridge. At the top there was a fire station and township office building. There was a hand pump with well water. I filled up on water and took a break in the shade.

The trail goes along Gift Ridge Road and passes by the Counterfeit House. The house was once open for tours but looks a little run down now. The house was built in 1840 for the purpose of counterfeiting. Fifty cent pieces and $500 dollar bills were made there. The house has a small gable window where a special lantern was hung when counterfeit money was available for sale. The light could be seen two miles away by river boats on the Ohio River. I did get a glimpse of the Ohio River from this road.

I camped at Quinn Chapel for the night. It is a small chapel with a cemetery high on an open ridge. There is a nice breeze. There was nobody to ask permission so I just set up camp. Mom and Jim had stashed some bottles of water for me at the chapel on their way home to Dayton.

As usual in this hot weather I don't put the rain fly on my tent at night. The rain fly holds in heat and it would be too hot to sleep. About 11:00pm very high winds and lightning came. I suspected a storm was imminent. I went outside to put on my rain fly on my tent and had great difficulty doing so. The winds was so fierce my rain fly wanted to fly away like a kite. I finally got it attached and staked down. I checked for severe weather alerts on my phone as I thought a tornado could be coming through. I was ready to take cover in the concrete outhouse. It was just a line of thunderstorms with high winds. It never did rain.