June 14 - Fairborn - 9 Miles To Dayton

Farm on Rebert Road between Springfield and Fairborn.

Today I hiked 16 miles from Springfield to Fairborn. I am now a mere nine miles from finishing this hike!

The hike today was all on roads except for a very short stretch of trail in Cold Springs Park in Fairborn. I hiked fast today.I felt like "a horse heading for the barn" as I am close to Dayton.

My camera started having problems today. I can't take photos. When I turn it on it says "Card Error - Clean The Card Or Format Card". This is a bummer. I am glad my camera waited until the end of my hike to have problems. Hopefully I can salvage my photos from it.

I am anxiously ready for my last day of hiking. I am ready to be at Deeds Point and see Wilbur and Orville. This is where I started my hike on March 20.

If you are in Dayton tomorrow please feel free to come out and celebrate the finish with me. I will be at Deeds Point around 4:00pm rain or shine. If you can't be there put an ear to towards Dayton around then and listen for a big yell of "Off Trail".