June 11 - Caesar Creek State Park - 74 Miles To Dayton.

Beach at Caesar Creek State Park.

Today I hiked 30 miles. Not bad considering I didn't get started until 10:00am. I finished the Loveland section and started the Caesar Creek section. I am on map 26 of 26! Only 74 miles to go.

I awoke to rain this morning. Another storm rolled in and it rained steadily. I was camped right next to the bike path and could hear people coming and going as soon as it got light. The rain did not deter some bike riders, runners and walkers. It deterred me though.

Once the rain stopped it did not take long for the sun to come out and make things hot again. The bike path got much busier. Lots of people were out today.

I passed near Kings Island and could hear the sounds of people having fun. Through the trees I could see the top of one ride called the Drop Zone. This a ride that takes you up to the top of a tall tower and drops you in a free fall. I could hear lots of screams.

I passed the old Kings Powder Mill where explosives were made. The plant opened in 1878 and was acquired by the Peters Cartridge Company before WWII. Remington bought the facility and closed it down.

I stopped for a hamburger, ice cream and Mountain Dew in Morrow. I aired out my tent and rain jacket to dry them out. They were wet from the rain. The proprietor of the restaurant did not seem to mind that I used his patio chairs to dry out my gear.

On the bike path I listened to music and hiked as fast as possible. I knew I had to do a big mile day to make up for a light day yesterday. I listened to the B52's which is fast paced music. I hiked between 3.5 to 4.0 miles per hour. I passed Fort Ancient, Morgans Canoe Livery and went under I-71.

A couple of miles before Oregonia I was greeted by familiar faces. Brent and Amy Anslinger and their two young daughters came out on bikes to find me. Brent and Amy thru hiked the Buckeye Trail in 2003. They brought ice cream and a soda for me. It was good to see them and compare notes about the Buckeye Trail.

As I walked to Orgonia Brent and Amy rode their bikes. They kept me moving at a fast pace. We had supper at a restaurant in Orgonia. They offered to help me slackpack the remaining ten miles I wanted to finish today. I gave them the bulk of my backpacking gear and empty water bottles to fill and took off. They rode their bikes two more miles with me until I turned off the bike path towards Caesar Creek State Park.

They hauled my gear to the Day Use Lodge at Caesar Creek State Park. My map says this is a camping area for BT hikers. I called the Park Office earlier in the day to ask for permission to camp there but nobody answered. When I arrived at the lodge Brent and Amy were waiting for me with adult beverages and brownies.

I camped on the back porch of the lodge. It was a great place to camp. It was covered in the event of rain and had a picnic table and chairs.

I received word earlier in the day that I had been appointed to board of trustees of the Buckeye Trail Association during their quarterly meeting in Columbus. Last week I heard there was going to be a vacancy on the board. I submitted my name as a candidate and was officially appointed today. I am excited about serving on the BTA Board. I see wonderful potential for the Buckeye Trail and lots of exciting possibilities to help out. I want to hear your suggestions and complaints about the Buckeye Trail.