May 5 - Seneca Lake

Seneca Lake

Today I hiked 21 miles to Seneca Lake.

The route today was on back roads except for about five miles of woods walking near Seneca Lake.

I went into the town of Old Washington. The town was a bit farther off the trail then it looked on the map. I arrived at 11:45am. The post office was closed until 12:30pm. I needed to mail a few items home. I visited the local grocery store to get sunscreen and stove fuel (Heet). They had neither. I waited for the post office to open and got out of town.

Old Washington is home to the Buckeye Trail high school. I would like to know how it got named.
The hike from Old Washington to Seneca Lake went by fast. I hiked as fast as I could to make for the time I spent in Old Washington.

At Seneca Lake I met Doug and Ethel Marie LeVasseur. Doug maintains a section of the Buckeye Trail near his house. Doug hiked the last five miles in the woods section with me. It was nice to have company as part of this section had some deferred trail maintenance. We found our way through ok but had to stop at a cabin to ask for directions.

Seneca Lake is in Noble County. Noble County was the last of Ohio's 88 counties to form.

I am spending the night at a cabin owned by Doug and Ethel Marie. The cabin is quite nice. There is a beaver pond in back and bird houses in front. There is a nesting pair of bluebirds here. Doug is very knowledgeable of bluebirds. We cooked hamburgers and asparagus on the grill.