May 23 - Logan - 450 Miles To Dayton

Bruce "Poppie" Purdy

Today I hiked 22 miles. Bruce "Poppie" Purdy joined me. I met Bruce at the Buckeye Trail Association Annual Meeting this past weekend. He drove from Columbus to hike with me today. Poppie is hiking the entire Buckeye Trail in sections. He leads the circuit hikes for the BTA.

The weather has been quite odd to say the least. It stormed again this morning but it was clear by 11:00am. Poppie and I decided to hike from Logan back to Shawnee. This way we would hike on roads for the first part of the day and in the woods the second part. Our feet would be dryer this way. Also  I could spend another night in Shawnee.

We were on the trail by 11:30am. The road walking went by fast. We took a couple of short breaks. There was not much vehicle traffic. Poppie carries Buckeye Trail brochures with him. He handed out these brochures along the way to the people we met. This was a nice touch.

I finally got a hold of a person at Black Diamond in the warranty/repair department. Earlier I had left two voice mails and one email trying to get my trekking poles repaired or replaced. I think they will be able to help me out. Stay tuned.

The last ten miles of the hike were on trails in the woods in the Wayne National Forest. The first part was on horse trails. It was well marked and easy to follow. The trail was quite muddy but this is to be expected.

After the horse trails we got lost twice. Both times were when the trail intersected forest roads. The blue blazes, if they were there, were not visible. Both times were frustrating experiences. Between Poppie and I we have almost 2,000 miles of Buckeye Trail hiking experience. We know how to follow the trail, we know how to read maps and we know what to look for. But we ended up making wrong turns.

The second time we got lost we got separated. Poppie found the trail again by walking down a township road. I found the trail again by using Google Maps on my phone and back tracking. He called me, we met back up and continued hiking. Thank goodness for cell phones, Google Maps and cell coverage.

This is the last of my hiking in the Wayne National Forest on the Buckeye Trail. Unfortunately my first and last impressions of the trail in the Wayne National Forest are not that great. 

Poppie got a shuttle from Rocky Myers back to his car at 8:30pm. I continued hiking to Shawnee with the last of the remaining daylight. I made a side trip to the Marathon convenience store and got food for the night. I arrived back at the Harrop House at 9:30pm just before another bad storm hit.

It was a long day. I ate supper,  took a shower and went to bed.