May 18 - Shews Farm

Captain Blue crossing a flooded creek on Newburn Road.

Today Scallion and I hiked 25 miles. We took the opportunity to do some slackpacking which means hiking without a full pack.

We woke again to rain. But this time we were in a nice B&B instead of our tents. All of our gear had dried out nicely.

We arranged for a 9:30am shuttle pickup with the Morgan County Transit Service. Our driver was on time. She drove us 25 trail miles away (17 by road) and dropped us off a few miles past Shew's Farm. Our plan is to hike back to Stockport and spend a second night in the Mill B&B. The shuttle cost us $2 each. This is an incredible deal for a taxi like service.

We were on the trail by 10:15am. By now the rain had stopped. It felt great to not carry a full pack. We moved along quickly. It did not take long and we stripped down to shorts and t-shirts.

We saw two young Amish boys driving a horse drawn cart carrying logs to a small saw mill. They seemed pretty intriuged with us.  We were equally intriuged with them. After they dropped off their logs they rode past us to check us out. Shortly they turned around and rode past us again. It was clear they were doing this just to see us. We smiled at each other both times. I guess they don't see many men wearing shorts, backpacks and carrying trekking poles.

The route today was on back roads except for a short jaunt in the woods. We saw very few cars. We had the roads to ourselves.  The forecast called for more rain and it looked like rain was imminient all day but it never did rain.

Some of the backroads did not have bridges at the stream crossings. We had to ford or hop across seven stream crossings. Twice we took off our shoes to wade across. The water was very cold and fast moving but it was only ankle deep.

We took a break in the town of Chesterhill. The trail goes right through town.  We ate a late lunch with food bought from the convenience store / deli and sat outside the village office. A stray dog came up and wanted some food. It was a female dog who looked like she had some pups somewhere she was nursing. She was hungry so I gave her the rest of my cheese. I stopped in the village office and told them I was hiking the Buckeye Trail. They were very nice. They didn't know about the trail.

Our route today was 3.5 miles longer than the map showed. A small portion of the trail is closed because of a landowner issue. So we had to hike around this area. We knew this in advance.

We arrived back in Stockport about 8:30pm. Earlier we had phoned in a food order to the pizza restaurant. It was ready when we got there. We picked it up, went to the B&B and got off our feet for the day. Another great day of hiking.