May 16 - Morgan County

Barn on SR-821.

Today Scallion and I hiked 20 miles from the town of Whipple to the Morgan County line. We didn't start hiking until noon and were finished by 7:00pm. We were rested and ready to go.  The route today was on back roads.

Maria and I picked up Scallion near the AEP lands. He took a county funded shuttle service from Stockport to the edge of the county. As long as he stayed within the county his shuttle fare was only $2 even though it was a 30 mile ride. It saved us a lot of driving to get him.

Maria dropped us off in Whipple and went back to Cleveland.

The temps were in the mid 50s with a slight breeze. This is perfect for hiking. It was very cloudy and it was supposed to rain but it never did. We clipped away the miles and commented how this cool weather was much better than the temps in the mid 80s last week.

We crossed to the west of I-77 finally. Our map said there was a restaurant at the interchange. We debated whether to stop. When we got to I-77 all we saw was an adult book store. We decided to keep on hiking.
Campsites were hard to find. The area is remote, sparsely populated, wooded and hilly. The ridges look as if they could have been stripped mined. Along Keith Creek we climbed up an embankment and found a flat, grassy area near a small pond to camp. We set up camp and were in bed by hikers midnight.