May 14 & 15 - Zero Days

I took two days off from hiking. Both days were spent relaxing with Maria in a cabin in a remote part of southeast Ohio.

This is the 28th day I have known Maria. I have seen her on all or part of 13 of those days. Kind of amazing when you consider I am in the middle of a long distance hike on the Buckeye Trail.

On Saturday we made a trip to Wal-Mart to resupply. I needed food, coffee, stove fuel, first aid items, an ATM and to get my eye glasses fixed. The frame of my glasses broke while in my pack. I got all of this done with one stop at the giant retailer. It was a great day to not hike as it rained and stormed.

Sunday was a milestone day for me. I celebrated making fifty revolutions around the sun. For dinner we cooked steaks on the grill, had salad, fresh green beans, birthday cake and ice cream.

I resume hiking on the Whipple Loop on Monday. Scallion will join me for a second week. He has been hanging out in Stockport. Mother Nature has a couple of cool and rainy days in store for us.