May 13 - Whipple

The post office in Whipple.

Today Scallion and I hiked 13 miles to the town of Whipple. We were glad to leave behind the unmaintained parts of the Whipple Loop.

We got up at 6:00am this morning. The plan was to get an early start. This was my idea. However, we lounged around our campsite at Jeff Erb's camp drinking coffee and talking until almost 9:00am and did not get an early start. This was my idea.

The miles went by fast today. We enjoyed the road walking. The miles were easy compared to what we had been through. It was great to hike next to each other and not worrying about route finding. By 12:45pm we were in the small town of Whipple. We went to the small convenience store and got burgers and drinks.

My plan is to take two zero days in a row. After twelve straight days of hiking I need a break. I am meeting Maria this afternoon. Our plan is to get a cabin for the weekend and relax. Sunday is a milestone day for me.

Scallion is heading to Stockport and is staying in the Hardware B&B tonight. From there his plans are unknown. He may head home back to Dayton. He may keep hiking on the Buckeye Trail. He may rendezvous with me on Monday and continue hiking together.

Scallion is an excellent hiking partner. He is an easy going guy. He comes prepared and is self sufficient. He is a hardy and experienced hiker. He is flexible and easy to be with. I can not think of a better hiking partner than Scallion to hike this rugged Whipple Loop with. His wisdom and experience comes from hiking the Appalachian Trail end to end, 800 miles of hiking on the Pacific Crest Trail, decades of knowledge as a Boy Scout leader and having recently spent a whole year circling the globe visiting 52 countries.

At the post office in Whipple I mailed home over two pounds of gear. Just having Scallion to talk to and bounce ideas off of made me realize that I am carrying some items I can do without.

My shuttle driver arrived on schedule at 1:00pm to take me to a cabin in the woods for a long weekend with Maria.