Day 20 Recap

I have been out hiking on the Buckeye Trail for 20 days. Here is a recap:

I have hiked 324 miles.

I have hiked on 17 days and taken 3 zero days.

Most of the miles has been on hard surfaces (roads, bike paths, sidewalks, etc)

I have slept in my tent 4 times. Three of those times were in/under some sort of structure.

I have stayed in motels 3 nights, a camper cabin 1 night. There rest were in the homes of friends and family.

All of my drinking water has come a faucet.

I have cooked one backpacking supper. All other evening meals were in homes, restaurants or cold food.

I have seen a variety of Ohio wildlife including deer, turkeys, squirrels, rabbits, raccoons, groundhogs, chipmunks and lots of birds.

I have seen a lot of road kill including the animals above plus possums, a mole and a frog.

Twice I have temporarily strayed off the Buckeye Trail. Both times were my error for not paying closer attention to the maps and trail description.

I have not hitchhiked yet.

I have not had any encounters with law enforcement officials.

I have not had any close calls with traffic while walking on roads.

I have not skipped any sections of the Buckeye Trail. I adhere to the "Continuous Footsteps" doctrine (Anslinger, 2003)

The weather has mostly been unseasonable cold. I have hiked in wind, rain and snow flurries. On most days the sun has not been out.

I am wishing for warm weather and spring to arrive. So is everyone else I have talked to.

I have had only positive and wonderful encounters with the people whom I have met.

I am still having fun and plan to continue hiking!