April 8 - Zero Day

I am taking a zero day today. The conditions are right for a zero. The weather is cool & rainy, my feet have blisters and I am invited to spend another night at the home of Tom and Sharon Farmer.

In my previous post I mentioned I met Tom and Sharon in college at Bowling Green State University. The Delta Upsilon fraternity brought us together. When I was a freshman I debated whether to join a fraternity and in particular join Delta Upsilon. The older brothers said the benefits of joining a fraternity extended beyond the college years. They sure were right. At the time I thought joining a fraternity was about drinking beer and meeting girls. Of course we did our fair share of that but the real benefits of being a DU have been the many friendships I had made which have lasted decades.

I have not done much on my zero day. I drove downtown Berea and ran a few errands. I caught up on emails and photos. I am making a few phone calls for possible camping locations in the next few days.

The weather forecast is showing better weather for the next few days. I am excited. I won't know how to behave when the sun comes out and warm weather gets here. I have not seen or heard anyone cutting their grass yet. I haven't seen any farmers in their fields. I have only seen a few people out walking and jogging.

Many thanks to Sharon for making my stay here in Berea a comfortable one.