April 6 - Findley State Park

Today I walked 19 miles to Findley State Park. I am camping here for the night. So far I have hiked a little over 300 miles on this journey.

I stayed in the camper cabin this morning until almost 1:00pm while I listened to rain and blowing wind. I was in no hurry to leave my warm and dry accommodations. I enjoyed two cups of Starbucks instant coffee and a package of chicken noodle soup.

The rain and wind let up so I hit the trail. The route today was 18 miles on roads and one mile in the woods. I hiked due east all day. I took a short break in a cemetery and another short break near Rochester. It did not rain at all during my hike today.

I have completed the Norwalk section and started the Medina section of the Buckeye Trail. The Norwalk section was 59 miles of all road walking. I am glad to be done with it. The Medina section has a bit of road walking but it weaves through various parks. I am now on map 7. I am getting tired of walking all day on roads.

When I arrived at Findley State Park campground at 7:00pm it was pretty empty. I asked a couple who where finishing up a hike if they knew where I could get water. They said the nearest operating water faucet was two miles away. The water faucets in the campground are still turned off for the winter. They could sense my disappointment and gave me a ride to the water and back. It was much appreciated.

Before I started this hike I thought Findley State Park was near the city of Findlay. Not true.

I opted to set up my tent under the new picnic shelter. It is quite nice. More rain is coming tonight. I will be sheltered here.