April 5 - Indian Creek Campground

I hiked 21 miles today. Bill dropped me off at 10:30am at the farm I sought refuge at just a day earlier. What a difference a day makes.

The route today was entirely on roads. There was not much meandering and I pretty much kept a steady due east course. This was good since the brisk 20 mph wind was out of the west. This meant the wind was at my back all day.

The temps were in the mid 40s but it felt much colder than that. I was bundled up all day.

Part of the route today was on Military Road. Military Road was used during the War Of 1812 to move troops and supplies between Wooster and Fremont. The Ohio Historical Society erected a nice plaque in a glacial boulder along the route.

It snowed in Havana today. How do I know? I was there. Havana is a tiny town with a tavern as the only business. There was no sign marking it and I would have passed it up if I had not been told it was there.

The tavern is small and serves good food but they don't believe in the Ohio law prohibiting indoor smoking. I had a light lunch there. The waitress asked if I was bicycling. I said no and replied that I am hiking. She asked where I came from. I said I came from Dayton. She asked if I hiked from Dayton today. I politely said no and told her I have been hiking since March 20.

The long road walking started to wear on me today. Miles 17-21 were not fun. A farm dog ran out on the road, barked and acted mean to me. I acted equally mean back to it and that scared him off.

The last mile along US-250 was brutal and dangerous. Lots of semis, a narrow shoulder and a steep ditch. My only consolation today was knowing that soon the Buckeye Trail would have a new, off-road, route in this section.

Good news: My new cushioned insoles for my shoes seem to be working. Much less foot pain today.

I am spending the night at Indian Creek Campground in a rustic camper cabin. The campground is small and compact. The camper cabin looks like a large playhouse for a child. You have to duck to get in. But it has a heater and I am out of the wind. It is nicer than my tent.

Tomorrow's destination: Findley State Park