April 4 - Reedtown

Like my previous post said I hiked six miles today and almost made it to Reedtown. Bill "Shoebox" Beier picked me up from the barn around 2:45pm.

Bill took me to Dick's Sporting Goods where I purchased a new pair of socks. I have already worn out a pair of socks. I also picked up a padded insole for my hiking shoes. Hopefully this will alleviate some of my foot pain on the road walking. I am a big fan of my SuperFeet insoles but I wonder if they maybe aren't good for hard surface walking.

Next we went Hammer Huber where I purchased a fluorescent lime green short sleeve shirt. This shirt will come in handy for the road walking if/when it warms up to where I can wear a short sleeve shirt. Next we went to Starbucks where I loaded up on Starbucks instant coffee.

Our final stop was to a grocery store where I resupplied on granola bars, fruit bars, oatmeal bars and nutrition bars.

I spent the night at Bill's house in Norwalk. It was great to be inside. It rained all day and remained windy. I enjoyed a nice meal with Bill and his family. They made me feel right at home. Many thanks to Bill for bringing in this stranger from the rain and making him feel welcome.