April 3 - Lowell

Today I hiked 26 miles in a bit over eight hours and did a "12x12". The taxi dropped me off at 8:30am about four miles east of SR-19 and SR-101 at map point 11. I walked back to the motel.

The hike today was all on roads and sidewalks except for a couple of miles in Wolf Creek Park along the Sandusky River. The soil footpath walking was a welcome relief. So were the two short sections of gravel road hiking. My feet started hurting about two hours into the hike and hurt the rest of the day. This is depressing me. I was hoping to have this behind me by now.

The morning was beautiful. It was sunny and crisp. Frost covered the farm fields. It soon became cloudy and windy and showers moved in about noon. I dashed behind a barn to get out of the rain and put my rain gear on. By the time I got geared up for the rain it had passed.

I crossed over a pretty creek called Beaver Creek. It was formerly called Green Creek. The water was green. Being a caver I know this from the limestone bedrock in the area. There is a town nearby called Green Spring which we drove through in the morning. Green Springs is home to the world's largest natural sulfur spring. The creek I crossed originates from the spring.

The route today went through Fremont and past the Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center. Hayes is from Ohio but was not born in Fremont. He practiced law here. His middle name is Birchard. A city park and street are named this.

I am now on map 6 of the 26 maps which cover the Buckeye Trail. The maps are not numbered by the Buckeye Trail Association but I added my own numbers. I am in the Norwalk section.

Even the road walking portions of the Buckeye Trail meander. This is done to keep the hiker on the least travelled roads. To give you an idea of the meander factor the taxi ride was 21 miles. The hike back was 26 miles.

Correction to yesterday's post: There are two campgrounds in this section. I passed two of them today.