April 26 - Hartville

Lisa and Dana Zintek

Today I hiked 17 miles and ended near Hartville.

It was a pleasant morning. No rain last night or this morning. I enjoyed a cup of coffee along the shore and watched the sun rise.

The rest of the hike through the Mogadore Reservoir was pleasant. The trail was not as muddy. This made for more enjoyable hiking. The reservoir was in view for most of the hiking. The sun was shining and it was warm. It was a nice spring day.

My route took me past the hangar for the Goodyear blimp. Goodyear has a large facility near Mogadore on Wingfoot Road for their airship operations. I did not see the blimp.

Some of the road walking was tough on me. It got warm, humid and windy. I was walking into a 15-20 mph headwind. The wind would blow me from side to side. It wore me out. I took a break in the front yard of a farm house. I plopped down in the shade of large tree, took my shoes off and laid down. The owner of the house waved to me while he cut the grass.

While hiking on Griggy Road a car stopped ahead of me and two people got out. They walked towards me. I thought to myself that this could be interesting. They waved to me and asked if I was Captain Blue. It was Dana and Lisa Zintek. They are members of the Buckeye Trail Association. Dana is the section supervisor for the Akron section. Lisa is the newsletter editor. They had been following my journey online and asked if I needed anything. They came to help.

I needed a ride from Hartville to a hotel along I-77 where I planned to spend the night. I gave them my pack and hiked the last several miles of the day at a faster pace to get done sooner. At a road crossing after Quail Hollow State Park they met me with two liters of water (which I sorely needed since I was still drinking lake water) and a box of chocolates made in Hartville. The route of the Buckeye Trail in Quail Hollow State Park confused me and wore me down mentally. I decided to not hike the remaining one mile into Hartville and called it quits for the day. Dana and Lisa took me to lunch at a nice restaurant. Then they dropped me off at the hotel.

It was really nice meeting Dan and Lisa. I enjoyed their company and conversation. All day long I had fretted about how I was going to get from Hartville to the hotel. Hitchhiking was my answer. Then Dana and Lisa appeared and solved my dilemma. Trail magic at work when I least expected it and needed it most.

Maria is meeting me after work and will spend some time withe me this evening.

How do you hold a moonbeam in your hand?