April 25 - Ravenna - Easter

Trail in Camp Asbury.

Today I hiked 20 miles to Ravenna. It is Easter Sunday.

Maria dropped me off in Hiram around 9:15am in a steady, light rain. It rained like this for most of the day. The first part of my hike was on country roads. Nobody was on the roads except the earthworms and me.

After a few miles of road walking the trail entered the woods in Camp Asbury. Camp Asbury is a owned by the East Ohio Conference of Methodist Churches and used for youth group outings. The trail was saturated from all the rain and was quite muddy. The mud did not bother me. I felt bad for the trail as my footsteps can have quite an impact to the trail in these wet conditions. The camp was a ghost town on this rainy Sunday morning. I saw no one as I weaved through the campsites, picnic areas and buildings of the facility.

After leaving Camp Asbury I finished the Burton section of the Buckeye Trail and entered the Mogadore section. I am now on map 11 of 26.

The trail goes on the Headwaters Trail to Mantua. The Headwaters Trail is built on a former Erie Lackawanna railroad line. It was nice to walk on the crushed limestone surface. Just before the town of Mantua I took a lunch break in the rain on a bench. After my break I soon passed a McDonalds which was open on Easter. I was kind of glad I didn't pass it sooner as I would likely have taken my break in there. It was better to be outside even if it was raining.

I crossed over the Ohio Turnpike for the last time. I've crossed to either side of it several times on this journey. At the crossing I saw a sign saying I was leaving the Lake Erie watershed and entering the Ohio River watershed.

The 20 mile hike in the rain today was not bad at all. Most people would cringe at the thought of doing this. The temps were in the mid 50s and there was almost no wind. I stayed warm and enjoyed the journey.

Jim and Shane Wohlken picked me up at 5:00pm. I am staying with them tonight at their home in Burton. On the way to Burton we drove through Amish country. We saw many Amish people walking and riding buggies on the roads. Jim pointed out the Amish homes. No cars in the driveway, no electric wires and only one curtain in the window.

How do you catch a cloud and pin it down?