April 22 & 23 - Zero Days In Cleveland

I took Friday and Saturday of Easter weekend as zero days. I was hosted by Maria at her home in the Old Brooklyn neighborhood of Cleveland. It is a mixed ethnic neighborhood of Italian, Polish, Ukrainian and Hispanic people.

Friday was a cold and rainy day. It was a good day to not hike. My first order of business was to get a hair cut. I went to Mario's Barber Shop on Broadview Road. Mario has a quaint little barber shop in Old Brooklyn. I got both my hair and beard trimmed. While I was at Mario's barber shop Maria got her hair cut down the road.

For lunch went to the Little Polish Diner. It was neat to see the flurry of activity at the diner and everyone enjoying the Lentin specials. We had cabbage & noodles and potato cakes.

Maria still has a collection of old records and a turn table. We spent the evening listening to old albums and reminiscing the years of the late 1970's and early 1980's. The old songs brought back many memories for both of us.

The weather on Saturday was beautiful. It was sunny and almost 70 degrees.

On Saturday we went to a bakery owned by an Italian and a Ukrainian. There was a line out the door  with everyone picking up baked goodies before Easter. The lamb cake was a big seller.

Next we visited an old building where Maria was instrumental in having a mural painted on it. The mural made an ugly brick wall look pretty. Maria received a grant to pay for the supplies and got college students and neighbor kids to paint it. The mural is of a rural scene of how Old Brooklyn once looked when the area had a large number of green houses.

We drove by the childhood home of actor Drew Carey. Drew Carey grew up in Old Brooklyn. Drew owns his childhood home and keeps it well maintained.

We went for a hike at Big Creek Metropark in Cleveland. There were lots of people outside enjoying the nice weather. Maria is a member of the Friends Of Big Creek which is a group who is trying to acquire and preserve land in the Big Creek watershed.

After the hike I had a wardrobe malfunction with the zipper on my convertible pants. I could not zip the lower legs back on to my pants. We made a quick trip to Dicks Sporting Goods to buy a replacement pair.

Tomorrow I sadly say goodbye to Maria. She is spending Easter Sunday with her family and I need to get back on the Buckeye Trail and resume hiking.