April 2 - Zero Day

Today I "took a zero" as we say in hiker lingo. Taking a zero means hiking zero miles or taking the day off.

The proprietor of the Old Orchard Motel dropped me off at the libray in downtown Fremont this morning. I used a computer there for two hours catching up on emails and uploading photos.

The city center of Fremont seemed awefully quiet for a Saturday.

Afterwards I enjoyed a cup of coffee at Davinci's coffee shop. I took a taxi back to the motel and took a nap.

A brief rain stormed moved in this afternoon. After it moved out it left a beautiful rainbow behind for a few minutes.

This evening I found myself watching Lawrence Welk reruns on TV. My father always watched Lawrence Welk on Saturday nights. As a kid I thought it was the dumbest show ever. Now it does not seem so bad. It reminds me of old times.

I have a plan for tomorrow. I am taking a taxi in the morning to a place about 25 trail miles away. I will walk back to the motel on the Buckeye Trail and spend another night here.

The next 100 or so miles are all road walking except for a few miles in Findley State Park. There are no campsites for 70 miles. The word is that by this time next year the Buckeye Trail will be relocated off this long road walk and moved on the North Coast Inland Trail bike path. For now this road walk is the official route.

It is getting close to Hiker's Midnight and bedtime for me. Time to end this entry. (Hiker's Midnight is 9:00pm)