April 15 - Chagrin River

The Buckeye Tral along the Chagrin River.

Today I hiked 17.5 miles to the Chagrin River just past North Chagrin Reservation. I hoped to hike a little further today but it was a good spot to stop.

The weather was nice today! The temperature was almost 60 degrees and it was sunny. Used To Could (Paul) hiked with me for the first hour. I am happy to say we did not wander off the Buckeye Trail this time.

Shortly after Paul turned back I saw two young ladies ahead of me walking on the Buckeye Trail. I put it in high gear, caught up with them, exchanged hellos and passed them up. At the next turn I got out my map and purposely acted a bit confused about where I was. By then the two ladies caught up with me and we struck up a conversation. (This was my plan.) Their names are Ginni and Dawn. We chatted for a few minutes and I took their photo. I gave them one of my Buckeye Trail cards and thanked them for not being afraid of me. Dawn replied that she is from Newark, New Jersey and it takes a lot to make her afraid. I chucked and we parted ways.

I took a coffee break at Look About Lodge in the Cleveland Metroparks. I used my alcohol stove to make a cup of Starbucks instant coffee. While studying the map I realized at this spot I was 999 more trail miles from Deed's Point in Dayton where I started.

The route continued on the Emerald Necklace along the Chagrin River in the South Chagrin Reservation. It was very pretty. There was an easy ford of Willey Creek. Soon I came to the end of the woods walking. For the next seven miles I walked along Chagrin River Road. It was scenic. Large estates and farms on one side and the Chagrin River on the other side. I had to stay alert for traffic since it was Friday afternoon and traffic was picking up.

Just before reaching North Chagrin Reservation a lady in a car stopped and said "Hello Andy". It was Gimley (Gail) who I had dinner with two nights before. She drove ahead, parked the car, met me on the trail, and hiked with me. When we reached North Chagrin Reservation we met Used To Could (Paul). The three of us hiked together for a few miles. It was great to have company. When we finished the North Chagrin Reservation I decided to call it quits for the day and ride back with Paul.

I am spending a third night with Paul and Laura Lynch. They are wonderful hosts. It has been a nice stay.

I am taking zero days Saturday and Sunday. I need a break. The forecast for Saturday is for strong winds and rain. I move on to my next host, Debbie Zampini, tomorrow.