April 11 - Hunt Farm

I hiked 9 miles today. I didn't get as far as planned.

I woke to rain this morning. I was glad I set up camp in the chicken coop. I stayed dry. The roof only leaked a little bit. I didn't get started hiking until 11:00am because of the rain and feeling tired from the day before.

My first stop was the Boston Store Visitors Center in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. There I stumped them with a simple question. I asked where I could mail a letter. I explained the letter was already addressed and had postage. It took three people to answer. Finally the NPS employee in charge agreed to mail the letter for me on his way home. But he made sure to tell me that he would do this on personal time and not on government time. I gave him one of my Buckeye Trail cards. He looked at it and tried to give it back to me. Nobody has done that before. I got the feeling they don't get too many Buckeye Trail backpackers or people who want to mail letters.

The trail from Boston to Peninsula was all in the woods. It was a little less undulating than yesterday. It was a pretty section. I could see daffodils blooming where old homes once stood. The ford of Boston Run was not too bad but the water was high. I crossed further down stream at a narrower part. Having trekking poles makes fording the streams easier.

The Buckeye Trail goes through the town of Peninsula. It is a small and quaint town. I had lunch at a cafe. There I called my sister Cindy on the phone. She was driving from Detroit to Pittsburgh on the Ohio Turnpike today. Since I was near the turnpike we made plans to rendezvous.

From Peninsula the Buckeye Trail follows the Ohio Erie Canal Towpath Trail.  The towpath trail is flat, wide, dry and scenic. I hiked in a light rain. Along the way you pass the remains of Lock 29 at an aqueduct. You also pass Deep Lock and Johnny Cake Lock. I stopped at Hunt Farm Visitors for the day. By then my sister was five miles away.

Cindy picked me up and we had a cup of coffee and a snack at Starbucks. She dropped me off at the home of my cousin John Spitzer in Stow. I will spend the night with John and Erica and resume hiking tomorrow.

I am looking forward to the rest of the Akron section. There are more good sights to come.