April 1 - Fremont

I hiked 21 miles to the outskirts of Fremont. I slept until 8:30am today. I guess I was tired. It was a good night of sleep except for the occasional CSX train which came through town.

Pemberville continued its trail magic. A fellow picked up my tab at breakfast this morning at the local diner. He was impressed with my journey and wanted to help. I stopped by the post office to mail home a few things I was carrying I did not need. The postmistress was very helpful too.

The route today was entirely on pavement. The first 10 miles to Elmore was on roads. The route was scenic as it generally followed the Portage River. Traffic was light but there were a few curves and hills which made me nervous from a safety point of view. When hiking on roads I wear an orange vest and have an orange pack cover. Even so I am wary of oncoming traffic and get way off the road when in doubt.

The second part of the hike was on the North Coast Inland Trail which is a rails to trail path. I mistakenly thought this section was on gravel, based on my old map, but it was paved. Nevertheless it was an enjoyable stretch. My feet still hurt from all the pavement walking but it was very scenic.

The NCIT went right through the middle of Lindsay. Lindsay is a small town. A college friend of mine, Joe Gillis, is from Lindsay. It was neat to hike through his town.

For the first time on this hike I listened to music. Since I was hiking on a bike path, and not roads, I knew it would be safe. When Louis Armstrong's song "What A Wonderful World" played tears came to my eye. For a few minutes my feet did not hurt and my backpack weighed nothing. I was on top of the world.

I am really enjoying my hike on the Buckeye Trail. We should be thankful that we have such a neat trail in our state. I thought I knew what the Buckeye Trail was about before I started my hike. Boy, was I wrong! The Buckeye Trail is so much more than I expected. It is so much more than just blue blazes leading the way.

I arrived in Fremont around dark. I am staying at the Old Orchard Motel for two nights. Tomorrow I am taking a zero. After 10 consecutive days of hiking I need a break.

The Old Orchard Motel is a delightful mom & pop place. The motel pre-dates the interstate system and is located on old US-20. The rooms are clean, cozy and inexpensive. They did a load of laundry for me at no charge.