Day 7 - Ottoville

Today I hiked 20 miles to Ottoville. It was a cold and windy day. The temperature was in the 20's with 10-15 miles sustained wind. There was not much cover to block the wind. It was cold but I stayed warm as I bundled up. There wind was steady all day.

The first nine miles to Delphos were on the canal tow path. But the canal tow path trail ended here. It was a very enjoyable hike alone Miami Erie Scenic Trail from Fort Loramie. The rest of the day was walking on roads.

At a road crossing just before Delphos a fellow in a pick up truck stopped and said "Are you Captain Blue?". I said yes. His name is Sam and he lives in the area. Last weekend he hiked in the Delphos section with a group from the Buckeye Trail Association. He knew I was hiking through the area.

Ottoville is due north of Delphos on the canal. But for some reason the Buckeye Trail goes northeast to Fort Jennings before going to Ottoville.

Traffic was light. People are friendly and wave to me to from their cars. Lots of discarded bottles and cans lined the road out of Delphos. It appears people going into town want to discard their empty adult beverage containers before getting inside the city limits.

Ottoville was founded in 1845. It is named for Father John Otto Bredeick, a Catholic priest, who brought a group of German people to the area. There is a beautiful Gothic, twin steeple, church in town. You can see it from miles away. Ottoville is a neat town.

I am spending tonight again in St Marys. But tomorrow I am camping in my tent. The weather is not the greatest for camping but I will do my best. I hope to find a spot out of the wind.

If you know of a place I can camp or stay between Ottoville and Defiance please let me know.