Resting In Florida

I am taking a break in Florida. Florida, Ohio that is. Not the state. Florida is about the midpoint between Defiance and Napoleon on the Maumee River. It is located on the site of a former Native American village and was once called Snaketown.

Today is psychologically important for me. I have hiked over 150 miles which means I have completed one-tenth of the Buckeye Trail. Plus I am now starting to hike eastward instead of straight north.

It has been said that spring travels northward at 15 miles per day. I feel like I have been hiking ahead of spring since I started this hike. The daffodils are still just starting to push out of the ground and the silver maples have yet to drop their maroon bud shells. Now I can head east and let spring catch me.

The more I hike on the Buckeye Trail the more I realize what a precious asset it is. I am thankful for all of the volunteers who have worked hard to make this trail a success.

The Defiance Crescent News had a nice article and photo of me in the paper today. I was able to get a copy all the way here in Florida. :-)