One Week To Go

The start of my hike is just one week away. I am mostly ready. For gear I am bringing my standard Appalachian Trail backpacking gear with a couple of exceptions. I am not packing much food. My plan is to resupply along the way and eat in restaurants when convenient. So, the space I save in my pack from not bringing food bags I will use for extra clothes.

My standard backpacking gear includes a tent, sleeping bag, two sleeping pads, alcohol stove, small pot, hiking poles, rain gear, warm clothes and lots of other items. I will figure out what I really need along the way and acquire it or mail home what I don't need.

It feels weird to not have a large pile of food ready to be packed into resupply boxes as I normally do for an Appalachian Trail hike. I need to trust the advice that food is readily available long the Buckeye Trail which it is. It just feels different to me.