One Day To Go!

One more day until I leave on this Buckeye Trail hike. As usual there is still lots to do. I have all the major tasks covered but there always seems to be and endless list of small chores to take care of. Some of them just won't get done. In the long run it won't matter.

My fully loaded pack weighs 29 pounds. Plus about 3 pounds of water. This is way too heavy! I need to find some items to take out. This will be task for tomorrow morning.

So far the weather for the next few days looks ok. Rain and cold are in the forecast. But this is typical for March weather in Ohio.

For the first four nights of my journey I will be staying with friends and family. It is nice to know that I have a place to stay for these nights. I will get picked up at the end of my hiking day and taken to a warm and dry home.

As usual I have the standard pre-hike anxiety. There is lots to worry about if you let your mind wander. But I feel I am prepared for these challenges.