My Start Date

The start date of my Buckeye Trail hike is Sunday, March 20, 2011. There is no real significance in this starting date other it is the first day of spring and I am anxious to get hiking. This date is subject to change. As of today there is quite a bit of flooding in Ohio due to the recent heavy rains. Some of the Buckeye Trail is under water. The flood waters need to recede before I start.

My plan is to hike on the Buckeye Trail for as long as it is enjoyable. If I stay on the trail for weeks or longer I may need to return home to Dayton temporarily to tend to my affairs and to swap out gear and clothes.

I have friends and family who live near the Buckeye Trail. I am making preliminary contact with some of them to see if they want to hook up or help me along with my journey.