Day 9 - Defiance

I hiked 15 miles today to Defiance. My cousin's son, Paul Rammel, dropped me off in Charloe at 10:30am. I resumed hiking with a fully loaded pack.

The weather as better today. The temperature was in the 30's, ample sunshine and the winds were not too strong.

The trail today was mostly on roads. Some of the roads were dirt/gravel roads but mainly they were asphalt roads. A few of the miles were along the canal tow path. This meant the trail was in the woods or along farmer's fields. Walking in the fields is not real easy. The ground is lumpy and muddy at times. But it was a nice change of pace.

Today was shocking, literally. A farmer had erected a fence over the Buckeye Trail along a portion of the canal tow path. I didn't realize it was an electric fence until it was too late. When I straddled the fence I felt the surge of electricity on my inner thigh. It was quite jolting. Instinctively I dove head first to the ground to get over the fence. I was a bit shaken.

A bit later I realized I would have to climb the electric fence again to get out of the enclosure. I opted to walk around to a part of the fence which was not electrified. I guess the farmer who erected the fence claims the canal tow path land as his. About a mile later the Buckeye Trail crossed the canal.

The path goes from one side of the canal to the other. However there was no bridge and the water in the canal was knee deep. I hiked forward and backward to find a place to cross without wading in the water. No such luck. I decided to build a bridge of logs and crossed at a shallow point without getting my boots wet.

I arrived in Defiance around 4:00pm. I explored the park at the confluence of the Maumee River and Auglaize Rivers. This is the site of Fort Defiance which was built in 1794 under orders from General "Mad" Anthony Wayne. It was a base of operations in the Battle of Fallen Timbers in 1794 and also used during the War Of 1812.

I am spending the night at the home of Dr. Bill and Angie Lorenz. I met Bill and Angie in Dayton on several occassion when they were hiking in our MetroParks. They are a delightful couple and wonderful hosts. They hosted Niblewill Nomad on his NCT hike a few years ago.