Day 8 - Charloe

Today I hiked 17 miles bringing my hike total to 128 miles. Not bad for 8 days with one zero. I hiked from Charloe to Ottoville southbound or counter-clockwise as the map calls it.

I am not camping tonight. My cousin Tom decided that is was best if I stayed another night at his house. It is too cold and windy for him to let his cousin spend a night outside. I agreed. It will be nice to be inside again during this cold snap.

My hike began on the banks of the Auglaize River. The Auglaize River flows north to the Maumee River. Soon I was at the confluence of the Auglaize River with the Little Auglaize River where Fort Brown once stood.

Fort Brown was a wooden stockade fort used during the War of 1812. It was built by William Henry Harrison or Colonel Brown depending on what sign you believe. The fort was used in the campaign against the British and the Indians. Today nothing remains of the fort. Several markers and flags indicate where it stood.

Today was mainly walking on roads that aren't traveled much. It made for pleasant walking. A few miles were on a soil foot path on the Miami Erie Canal towpath. The sun shined brightly today but it was still cold and windy.

In one area of the canal tow path an adjacent landowner must not like the Buckeye Trail. Someone had erected a "No Trepassing" sign where the trail leaves the road and follows the canal. Two small boards were nailed over two blue blazes so hikers would not see them. I double checked the route with my map and took the boards down.

At 6:15 I strolled into Ottoville. My Uncle Don Schwieterman was there waiting for me. He drove me back to St Marys.

Tomorrow I resume hiking with a full pack. My destination is Defiance. I will be staying with Bill and Angie.