Day 3 - Newport

I hiked 20 miles today and finished in Newport. My backpack was about 10 pounds lighter by not carrying my camping gear today. Rick dropped me off in downtown Piqua at 7:45am. After a few miles of bike path walking I found myself at Johnson Farm. Johnson Farm is along the Miami Erie Canal and has a working canal boat replica. I did not see the farm or canal boat as the trail skirts this area. But I did have a few miles of pleasant hiking in the woods along the canal, looking at the remains on canal locks and listening to the frogs peep.

Next the trail went to Lockington Dam. Lockington Dam was built by the Miami Conservancy District to impound water from Loramie Creek when needed. This is one of the five dams of the Miami Conservancy District. Most people in Dayton can name four of the five dams but tend to forget about this one. This area also provided for some fine walking in the woods along the canal.

The day had a lot of road walking. One fellow in a truck stopped me and asked what I was doing. He had seen me earlier in the day while drive a school bus. He saw me again, still walking, and was curious. I gave him one of the cards I had printed up with my name and the web site address.

I took an afternoon coffee break along the canal in another wooded section. I was a little short of water so I decided to use some canal water for the coffee. Most people would find this unappealing but I didn't. I boiled the water as recommended and it tasted fine.

Following the Buckeye Trail can be difficult at times. Sometimes I feel like I am on a scavenger hunt seeking the blue blazes. I have the clues, maps & directions, but sometimes this is not enough when the blue blazes are missing. Twice today I had to ask for directions. The people did not know where the trail went but they gave me additional clues and off I went.

Tomorrow is going to be a zero day. A "zero day" is a zero mile day meaning I am going to take a break. After three days and 55 miles of mostly pavement walking I need to give my sore feet a break. My friend Rick has graciously invited me to stay another day at his house in Minster.

PS. I came across an Appalchaian Trail style overnight along the BT. It wasn't listed on the map. Interesting.