Day 2 - Piqua

It stormed last night. Lots of lightning and thunder. I was glad I was inside and not in a tent. Diane dropped me off on Buckeye Trail at 7:30am. It was a lovely morning for walk. The birds were chirping and spring was in the air.

It did not take long for my feet to hurt.

The Buckeye Trail took me though Troy where I took a break at Tim Horton's. A lady asked me if I was that guy who was walking across the country. I told her no. I said just Ohio.

North of Troy the Buckeye Trail goes on paved roads. I had a few miles of road walking today. While walking down the road a fellow flagged me down and asked if I was hiking the Buckeye Trail. He hiked the entire Appalachian Trail years ago with his brother. We had a pleasant conversaion and I went on my way.
Only one short stretch of walking on a soil footh path. The rest was pavement.

The Eldean covered bridge was closed. It is the second longest covered bridge in Ohio. There were large signs saying "CLOSED". I think I could have made it across but there was a sheriff deputy on the other side. I decided not to chance it and took the road across the river.

In Piqua I passed by the city's former nuclear power plant. I never knew they had one. I guess it was in operation in the mid 1960s for a few years. The Buckeye Trail guide said Piqua was the first city in the USA to own a nuclear power plant.

After 17 miles of hiking my feet were beat. Too much pavement walking to go on. My friend, Rick Thien, picked me up on his way home from work. I am spending the next two nights at Rick's house in Minster. Tomorrow I will slack pack the next section. I will empty my pack of my overnight gear and hike with a lighter load. Tomorrow will be mainly road walking.

PS. I developed a small blister on my left heel. Bummer.