Day 12 - Pemberville

I hiked 21 miles today to Pemberville. Today was all road walking except for a quarter of a mile of gravel path. I don't have many nice things to say about the hiking today. What today lacked in trail features the town of Pemberville sure made up for.

I crossed to the east side of I-75 today. I crossed on an overpass in Sugar Ridge. I would not call it a ridge since it is so flat here.

A few miles later I could see the campus of Bowling Green State University off in the distance. I spent four years at BGSU so it was nice to see it. It was the best and most fun four years of my life and I even managed to get a college degree. I spent many miles reminiscing about my days at BGSU.

It is still cold and windy today. Unseasonably cold.

When I was 10 miles from Pemberville I called the village office and requested permission to camp in their city park. They said yes and suggested I camp next to the fire station. It felt good to have a legal campsite destination ahead of me.

When I got to town two guys were leaving the local opera house. One of them, Jim Fields, is the house manager and offered to give me a tour. I got the grand tour of this beautifully restored building and even went back stage and saw signatures from over 100 years ago. Check it out at

Jim suggested I camp in the stables of the American Legion. The stables are empty and would provide cover from the wind. He took me there and made a telephone call to secure the necessary permission. My tent fit fine in a hallway of the stables. The guys at the Legion brought out a small electric heater and extension cord so I could stay warm. They even invited me inside for some beverages but I declined.

Pemberville has been such a friendly town. I never had this kind of hospitality from strangers on the Appalachian Trail in all my 7,400 miles on it. Chalk one up for Pemberville and the Buckeye Trail.

I am feeling a bit exhausted. I feel a zero coming on.