Day 11 - Haskins

I hiked 27 miles today to Haskins.

It was a cold morning. The temperature dipped into the 20s. I stayed warm in my tent but got a little chilly towards morning.

I enjoyed a cup of coffee along the river and watched the sunrise. The sun was out only briefly then went behind the clouds.

The hike today was mainly on the canal tow path. I took the new Buckeye Trail as far as I could but I had to walk along US-24 for three miles. The guidebook says US-24 is busy, dangerous, noisy and generally unpleasant. It was right. Once the new trail is completed this will be eliminated. This new section will replace 16 miles of road walking with trail hiking.

I stopped at a diner at the Route 109 crossing. It is a small place and everyone was very nice. The waitress/cook asked me if I was that guy in the paper. I said yes. She encouraged me to write a book about my journey.

The trail from Grand Rapids to Waterville is along the tow path and within park boundaries mainly Toledo MetroParks. It was a nice hike even though it was a cold, windy and cloudy day.

In Waterville I said goodbye to the Miami Erie Canal which I had following off and on since Piqua. I had a few hamburgers at Koral's and headed for Haskins.

I am camping on the Wenig Family farm. They are listed on the map as a camping spot. Bill and Julie are very nice. They let me camp in one of their buildings where I will be warmer and out of the wind.

It has been a long day. All I want to do is sleep.