Day 10 - Napoleon

I hiked 21 miles today to a few miles outside of Napoleon.

The trail today was entirely along the Maumee River. The Maumee River is quite wide and beautiful.

Most of the hiking today was on soil foot path on the canal tow path except for the towns of Defiance and Napoleon where I walked on roads. The trail went through Independence Dam State Park.

While almost to Florida I met Denise who was taking a walk on the canal tow path. I caught up to her and chatted with her for a few minutes. It was nice to talk with her and not have her be afraid of some guy carrying a backpack.

In Napoleon I opted to hike on a new portion of the Buckeye Trail. I am continuing along the Maumee on the tow path. The current blue blazed route goes away from the river on is on roads all the way to Grand Rapids. The new route is part of the North Country Trail and is not blazed blue yet. The map says Buckeye Trail hikers can take either route. I chose the route with less road walking.

I found an excellent campsite on a bluff overlooking the Maumee River. It is a beautiful site. It has a makeshift bench made of boards and concrete blocks. There is a bit of noise from nearby roads but this is to be expected.