Buckeye Trail History

Lee Kreider writes ....

40 years ago (more or less) Wood Ensor of Fairborn and myself argued for a trail extension of the Buckeye Trail along the western side of Ohio. At that time the trail extended from east of Cleveland to Eden Park in Cincinnati. After a bit of wrangling (with the BTA) our proposals were accepted and we started work.

My oldest son, Mark and I hacked our way through stinging nettles, vines, poison ivy and thick underbrush carrying a can of Buckeye Trail Blue paint to blaze the route.

Since that time the trail in Montgomery County has morphed into a bike path as well as the Buckeye Trail. It is now paved. There have been a few minor route change over the years, but it remains essential the same route that we proposed between Yellow Springs and Lockington, Ohio

Today I strolled about 2 miles of the trail south of Taylorsville Dam and Reserve...a section that Mark and I worked on. I was experimenting with some photo ideas on a very cloudy day.

It found great satisfaction in the number of walkers, runners and cyclists using this route we had pioneered so long ago. However, the best part of the day is when I met Andy Niekamp who had left Dayton that morning with the goal of backpacking the entire trail which now circles the state of Ohio. I believe the system now involves about 1,400 miles of trail.

Woody and I both served on the board of the Buckeye Trail Association for a number of years and he helped with the trail in almost every corner of the state. I have long since gone on to other endeavours, but I'm happy to see that the organization remains healthy and vital.