Clearing The Calendar

Ok, my plan is to hike on the Buckeye Trail for as long as it is enjoyable for me. I don't know how long this will be. It may be several days, several weeks or several months.

Just in case I have cleared my calendar of obligations for 12 weeks and ordered the complete set of 26 maps covering the Buckeye Trail.

Laissez les bons temps rouler!

The Idea Moves Forward

I've always had a dream to take a long hike on Ohio's Buckeye Trail. It dawned on me during my walks this month that I could turn this dream into a reality.

I am spending the month of February in Orange Beach, Alabama escaping the Ohio winter. My daily routine involves taking a long walk on the trails in Gulf State Park. Walking is a wonderful time for thinking. The more I thought about hiking on the Buckeye Trail the more appealing it became to me.

Spring seems like a good time to start a hike in Ohio. The days will be getting warmer and longer. The weeds won't be grown up. Bugs and humidity should not be an issue. I can enjoy the spring wildflowers and watch the leaves grow on the trees. But hiking in spring means cold nights, lots of rain and muddy trails.

I am excited about my upcoming trek. When I arrived in Alabama on February first I had no idea what my next adventure would be. Now I leave here with a plan. A plan to take a long hike in Ohio on the Buckeye Trail. The questions .... What are my goals of this hike? How long of a hike do I want to take?